How to Make Money Selling Websites Online

How to Make Money Selling Websites Online – Passive Income Idea for Web Designers

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There are lots of ways to make money online. One of the methods is selling websites online. Do not worry. You will learn how to make money selling websites online even if you do not have any coding experience. There is a separate guide that can teach you how to design a professional website in less than 24 hours.

Website selling is the business of purchasing and selling websites. It can be a good source of passive income if you know how to build professional websites.

Also, web designers can leverage this business to generate the right amount of passive income for themselves. They can also use it to help their customers sell their websites if it ever becomes dormant.

There are three processes of selling websites:

  • Building a website and sell it with the right profit margin
  • Buy an already built website and resell it without changing the website
  • Buy a website, modify it and sell it

It is all about building websites with the primary objective of selling them for profit. To be successful, you need to have basic knowledge of web development.

Learn how to create a professional website today.

If you already know how to create a website or you have a website that you would love to sell. Here are the top website flipping platforms you can sell your website today:


How to Sell Websites on Flippa

Flippa was founded in 2009 with the primary aim of helping business owners to sell their businesses online. The company’s tagline is, “Selling a business is hard. It’s easy with Flippa”. Two hundred fifty thousand businesses have been sold globally using Flippa, and it has over 120,000 registered buyers.

How to Sell Websites on Flippa

Registering your website

  • To sell your website. Log on to
  • Click on the Start Selling button on the homepage. You will be redirected to the selling page.
  • Choose the Starter/Templates Websites
  • Enter the URL of the website and continue.

Adding the website’s basic information

  • When did the website go live? – Select the date you published your website.
  • What type of website are you selling? – Select the primary product/service your website is offering. If the website is a blog, choose the content.
  • What is the industry of your website? – Choose the industry your website falls under.
  • Refine your industry – This category will give more information on the sub-category your website falls under.
  • Does your website receive traffic? – This is to inform your buyer if your website receives traffics. Choose the correct option.
  • Does your website generate revenue? – Are you making any profit from the website either by advertisements, digital products, or services offered?

Tell us more about your website

Tagline – How will you describe your website in one sentence.

Summary – Give a brief overview of the essence of the website

Your Note – This is a highlight of your business plan. It helps the buyer to identify specific factors about your website.

1. Seller Bio

This section provides information for potential buyers to learn more about you. Typically this should read like the first paragraph of a LinkedIn profile or resume and may include your education, past experiences, any businesses currently or previously owned, etc.

2. Executive Summary

This section is an elevator pitch. Describe what the business is/ does. It should contain basic information about the business, like its type, age, industry, business model, company location, founders, etc.

3. Highlights

This section details the strengths and opportunities of/ for the business. You should outline what makes this business a good business. What the areas of potential improvements are. 

4. Operations

This section describes what needs to be done for this business to keep it running. It should provide clarity around the amount of “volume” per task (i.e., # of emails or # of calls for customer support). You must specify details in this section as well as the estimated time commitment in hours/ per week.

5. Customers

This section provides information about the nature of the business customers. It enables potential buyers to learn more about their future customers. It should contain the following information as sections:

  • Customer profile & segmentation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention

6. Financials

Describe the financials of the business, clearly explaining any decline or growth in revenue or profit if needed. This is the opportunity to comment on any financial anomalies in the P&L – such as seasonality, etc.

7. Seller Notes

This section is the place for the business owner to outline specifics about the evolution of the business. Also, please note any other important elements of the business sale.

How Much would you like to sell it? – This information shows your buyer how much you would like to sell your website. There is 2 sales method involved.

  1. Classified: It is a way of selling your website with a fixed price. It can be a great way to sell for a higher price, but it might take longer to sell.
  2. Auction: It gives your buyer the chance to bid your price. Also, auctions drive more activity and get greater visibility than classified (fixed-price) listings.

Selected any method you are comfortable with, including your price and continue.

Promoting Your Listing

Promoting your listing on Flippa is mandatory for all sellers. Each plan will help boost your listing with enhanced marketing exposure. Let’s go through the plans.

BASIC – $15

  • Secure payments through credit card or Escrow
  • Marketplace listing and buyer matching

Premium Boost – $65

  • Enhanced marketing exposure across Flippa – Get higher visibility in search results, and placement on our category page carousels.
  • Premium support – Skip the line. Guaranteed same-day response time.
  • + All Basic features

Marketing Boost – $395

  • Social Media Promotion & Buyer Retargeting – Leverage, our creative team, to target buyers across social channels.
  • Video Seller Interview – Get on camera and tell the world what makes your business special.
  • Syndication (Partner Sites) – Your listing will be cross-posted to Flippa partner sites.
  • Featured Blog Post – Tell your story with access to our content marketing team.
  • + All Premium features

Ultimate Boost – $545

  • Homepage Banner – Dedicated banner featured prominently on for one week.
  • Newsletter Feature – 200-character ad featured in our Flippa Daily Newsletter (Over 300k recipients!)
  • + All Marketing Boost features

Addons (Optional)

Add a Non-Disclosure Agreement ($99) – Hide your website’s name and details from users. Users will be required to sign an NDA to be able to view the listing details. You will have the ability to set a custom NDA before launching.

Private listing ($20) – Hide your listing from search engines like Google and the general public. Logged in users will still be able to see your listing.

Listing Review & Copywriting ($29) – Access our team of expert, professional reviewers. We will review your listing in detail and provide recommendations on how to improve your positioning, price guidance, and much more.

Make Payment and Proceed

Please select the payment option that you would like to use.

How Do You Get Paid?

You will be required to provide your account details and your Paypal address. This information will assist the system in paying you when you make a sale.

Verify, Revenue & Expenses

Finally, you will be required to verify your website. You will also provide information on how much revenue the website has generated. If your website is new and doesn’t generate any income, you might consider skipping this step. Also, you will be required to share the cost of developing and maintaining the website.


This is a very good passive income idea for web designers. Just like any other business. It takes time to build a successful online business. You need to have patience while you provide your best services.

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