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I was admitted into Akwa Ibom State University to study Civil Engineering. My parents are late. I had a sponsor who paid my school fees for me.
What I didn’t know was that I was responsible for my feeding. I was 16 years young, dumb and broke with no skill.
After the first month, I called her to send me some money to buy foodstuffs. She told me to hold on for a few weeks that she would get back to me. I stay hungry, continued to struggle with school activities.
After a month, I called her back. She told me that she had some issues to solve in her family and she isn’t financially buoyant. This was making it 2 months without eating real food. I was now relying on a few colleagues to help. It was embarrassing!
As days went by, my version of hunger began to automatically update itself. I wasn’t worried about buying materials or book anymore. I just wanted to eat. I was so hungry.
“My life changed when the moment I flipped over an Infinix Phone belonging to Faith Etuk.”
I was in the Media Unit at church but I wasn’t committed. Truthfully, it was difficult attending lectures not to mention church.
Some Sundays, I will lay down lifeless, facing the ceiling with tears rolling down my face into my ear. All I ever wanted was to eat cooked food.
That Sunday morning was different. I heard a small voice in my head telling me – go to church. I didn’t listen I walked around the house doing nothing. The voice became stronger and louder. I became uncomfortable.
I took my bath, dressed up and went to church reluctantly. I was already very late. When I got to church I slipped into the back seat.
It was reserved for Media Unit Members (Oh, thank God I was among). I covered my face in shame for coming late. I didn’t want anyone to talk to me.
I realized that my head was on someone’s smartphone. It was an Infinix Hot smartphone that belonged to Faith Etuk. I picked up the phone, flipped it over and unlocked it. I was stunned at what was staring at me.
“50 Ways to Make Money as a Student”
I saw this article on this browser. I flipped through the whole article, placed the phone back and I went back home. That was the message I received that Sunday and it changed my life forever.
Of all the ideas mentioned in that article. I decided to start a campus magazine. When I analyzed the financial cost and resources required to produce an edition. I changed my mind and I turned it to a blog.
That’s is how my blogging journey started.
I was unsure if the idea of blogging was going to work but it was better than doing nothing. I used part of my school fees to start my first blog. I almost lost my admission. #Grin
I couldn’t afford a web designer so I had to design my website myself. That was the first high paying skill I acquired. In other to create content for my blog. I had to learn how to write well. That earned my second skills.
Throughout 2017, I was working on my blog every day. I realized that there was more to blogging than we think. To become successful, I learnt affiliate marketing, social media marketing and management, search engine optimization, etc.
I fell in love with the process. The joy of having the opportunity to become a contributor on the internet was enough to keep me awake all night.
6 months after I started my blog. I was still broke and hungry but this time, it didn’t matter anymore. I found hope. While my colleagues in school castigated me for missing lectures to “press my laptop”. I had a strong conviction that my vehicle of condemnation will one day become to salvation.
Presently, that hungry boy directs a Digital Agency that helps small businesses/personal brands to grow differently through the power of digital skills and technologies.
He partnered with Faith Etuk (the owner of that red Infinix mobile) in organizing the Campusbro Tour. It is the first and one of the biggest entrepreneurship event in Akwa Ibom State University. Over 50 students were skilled in photography, baking, web designs, graphic design, fashion design, beauty & makeup, etc for free.
Also, he has worked with the ICT unit of Akwa Ibom State University in designing the school official blog – aksu360.com
Using social media marketing skill, he learnt while blogging. He grew a small makeup store into the most recognized beauty store in Abak, Akwa Ibom State.
Looking back at my journey into personal growth and entrepreneurship.
My biggest regret is not working hard enough.
There were days and weeks where I doubted myself, especially in the early stage. I refused to work or learn because it felt like it wasn’t going to work. I regret ever wasting that time.
If you are still reading this, then you must be looking for something.
  • Maybe, you want to change your life but you are unsure of what to do.
  • You are tired of wasting all your time on movies, social media & gaming
  • You want more.
Then you are in the right place.
This blog is for you. I will share all my personal growth experience and how I changed my life from a young, dumb, broke college boy to a professional digital marketer.
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