What to do When Social Media Feels Boring

What to do When Social Media Feels Boring

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Do you sometimes feel like you are not getting anything out of your social media apps? Do you feel like it is not helping your life? Do you get bored using social media? If yes. I will share a personal secret I implemented a few years ago when I got tired of using social media.

I have deactivated my Facebook a lot of time because I wasn’t getting anything out of it. Every day, I saw photos of friends (strangers) who were doing very well. Everyone on LinkedIn seems to have a job and they are all doing well. Most of my colleagues that just graduated from the same high school were already out of the country. They posted lovely photos and they seem to be doing well.

But I was broke!

On several occasion, I tried reaching out my friends (social media word) asking them for help. I wanted to know what they were doing and how I can also improve my life.

When I asked, I got replies like:

  • “Mehn, the country is hard”
  • “I am not doing anything, just a student like you”

Then I realized that Life on social media isn’t what we think it is. At first, I did not realize this. I thought they didn’t want to share their secrets with me.

One day while scrolling through the streets of Facebook. I saw an ad on “How to make money from Facebook”. This was a dream come true for me. The only problem was that I couldn’t afford that training.

As a smart guy, I knew that something serious is going down somewhere.

I started searching Google for answers. After a few months, the secret to making money online was revealed to me. The secret to making money on social media is product/services.

You need to have a product you can share with a friend and close a sell. Or you need to possess certain kinds of skills that you can offer as a service in exchange for money.

When you feel bored on social media it is a sign that you have to go “Pro”. You need new sets of skills. you need to start a side hustle.

But what if I can’t do any of this?

I bought my first smartphone in 2013 from a business I was running back in secondary school. Between 2013 and 15 I had played almost all the games on the store. I had signed up on almost all the social media including Eskimo (I don’t know what I was looking there).

Most importantly, I observed a trend. Business order was beginning to display their product on Facebook. I went to a friend who owned a Small Beauty Store and I told him to allow me to help me share this business on Facebook and he agreed.

I didn’t have any strategy. We would take photos of the shop and products and just post in on our Facebook accounts. There was no way of tracking how many customers or sales I was generating. It didn’t matter to me because I was happy to become a contributor on the internet.

The best part about working as a social media manager for him was that I never had to buy data with my own money again.

After I started blogging in 2017, I clearly understood how social media works. I attended seminars, signed up for online courses on how to grow your business using social media. I developed a social media marketing strategy for his business. Currently, that small beauty shop is the most recognized beauty store in Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

When you feel bored on social media, maybe because your friends (social media word) are no longer liking your photos which is because they are tired too of seeing you post photos of yourself with Snapchat filters.

If you are not a rich kid with assuring access to your parent’s fortune, you should consider learning a skill. You can’t twerk forever. You can’t share a copied joke forever. You need to learn a skill, start adding value to the persons around you.

That way you will never get tired of the social media because you know that you are going to make money each time you log in.

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