Private Chat from 2 Friends will Teach You How to Stay Motivated

Private Chat From 2 Hustlers will Teach You How to Stay Motivated

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There are days when you find it very difficult to get out of bed. You barely have sufficient energy to do anything. As a digital creator, I have been there countless times.

Not to worry, this private chat from 2 hustlers will teach you how to stay motivated even when you don’t feel like doing anything.

These secret might not be anything new. It might be something you already know of but you didn’t think of applying it when you feel unmotivated.

Learn how to stay motivated. This chat from 2 hustlers can change your life forever.

Gabriella: How you stay motivated?

Peter: I love good cars. I am not a man of Toyota Corolla. I am a Lamborghini. A Bugatti. The liquid Maserati. My favourite and the most affordable car is the new Tesla Cyber truck. It is about $70,000 (N25,900,000). I’d love to own this car.

In order to get this car. I must have money. To make money, I need to provide value.
Value equals money
The more value I provide the more I earn. Value can be a service, product, content, etc. If my value is content (videos, article, image, audio).
That means,
xContent = xValue = xMoney
This is my motivation formula

Gabriella: So what motivates you really is a car.

Peter: No, it is not the car. Before I can drive a Lamborghini Veneno. Nigeria needs to have a good road network void of potholes.

The economy has to be better than what it is now, so I can drive my car in peace, else I might be robbed or kidnapped.

Gabriella: So where will you now drive it. London or America? 😂

Peter: I will make my country better first before I buy it. I will at least turn my local government to Silicon Valley.

Gabriella: You should run for presidency

Peter: No, that’s too small. The real change agents must not be a politician. Trump was doing great until he became president. Do you know Dangote? He might just be the real president of Nigeria.

Gabriella: That’s funny. So you want to become an entrepreneur. How about being an investor?

Peter: Becoming an investor is a retirement plan.


This conversation is focused on knowing why you are doing what you are doing. It is also about having a bigger picture in mind.

If you are a fashion designer, graphic designer or a sachet water seller. Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years?

Once you figure out that each sachet of water you sell is part of a bigger plan of saving enough money to start a bigger sachet water distribution store which later becomes a cool room.

You will wake up as early as possible, wear a smile on your face and sell like crazy.

Have a vision big enough to you won’t be able to play small.

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