How to Identify Toxic People in your Life

How to Identify Toxic People in your Life

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To reach your goal, you have to identify the toxic people in your life and get rid of them. Have you ever been around someone and you feel like you can’t breathe? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

Here is how to identify toxic people in your life

  • Toxic friends are negative. They have a collection of negative sentences stores in their head. They talk about what the other people are doing or not doing. You will always hear they come up with unimaginable ways to degrade another you.
  • They are never satisfied. These toxic friends will never be satisfied with the amount of time or resources. Have you ever had a stressful day that made you sleep early only to have your friend get upset with you for not chatting with them? These people do not care about what you do, or what is happening to you. All they want is to receive from you and no matter how much you give they will always complain.
  • Toxic friends will have excuses not to help you. I can remember one time I asked a friend if my clothes combination was fine. He responded with “How do you feel” Like WTF! I was amazed. If I knew how I felt, I won’t be asking you. He said it was okay only for a total stranger to tell me that I wore the combination. They will never look out for you.
  • They will embarrass you and its cover-up with “I was just kidding”. Have you ever had a case where you supposed close friends decides to share an embarrassing secret of yours, only to cover up with “C’mon, I was just kidding”? They will share your secrets with others, embarrass you and cover up with a fake smile. This set of persons are very dangerous. Please avoid them.
  • They are irresponsible. Friends are bound to have misunderstood. However, if you are the only person responsible for making up after each breakout, then you might just be in a toxic relationship. They never apologize. They will always look for ways to blame you or other persons for their own mistakes.

Life is too short to hang around toxic people. Use this article and learn how to identify toxic people in your life before they drain you to a complete halt.

Just like the Coronavirus, Social distancing can be a great way to keep these people far from you. Disassociate your body, mind and soul from them. You can survive without them.  

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