How to Boost your Productivity by Changing 1 Smartphone Setting

How to Boost your Productivity by Changing 1 Smartphone Setting

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Cellphones are the most effective kind of prison system. It is mobile and strong enough to keep you locked away without maximum protection. The only requirement is a smarter phone (prison I mean), a WIFI connection and a Netflix login details.

This prison with many rooms and no restriction to which room you can spend your time has helped a lot of people to:

  • Get their dream job (LinkedIn)
  • Make money from home (fiver)
  • Learn anything (Youtube)
  • Connect and chat with friends (Facebook, Instagram)

Most people spend their time excessively on the entertainment rooms in prison. Not because they want to, but they do not know why they can’t stop going there.

Have you ever had a goal of doing something productive like reading, washing your clothes, maybe completing an online training program but you end up sending hours on entertainment or social media application?

If you have experienced this leave a “Yes” in the comment section at the end of this post.

The prison has a special feature. It is similar to the handcuff and it is called “Notification. Its primary objective is to keep you locked down in the rooms. It sends you reminders of your progress in a game.

It informs you that your friend has tagged to a post with 49 others.

Companies spend much in hiring copywriters and psychologists to optimize this notification so you can’t resist them.

How can I turn off my notification?

Indeed, if you want to become productive, participate in activities that will add more money or value to your life you have to kill those notifications.

The first time I turned off my notification, it was a complete mistake. I only realized 1 week later that I have complete 3 online courses, read a book and made more designs that I used to. I was shocked!

Since then notifications are a no for me.

Before I forget, I also missed an ambassadorship deal with a company because I didn’t see/reply to their mail on time.

Let’s go through the steps and how to do it right.

  • On your android device, go to setting.
  • Take on the search button above and type “notification management”
  • Open it and select batch management
  • Toggle off all notifications (this would be the best but you don’t want to miss something important)
  • Manually turn on notification for essential applications like text messages, calls, Google services, browsers. You might want to keep the social and games off)

If you don’t become productive after doing this, please send me a message, I will take down this post immediately.

Hoooooollup! Before you do that I hope you have something doing.

If you free up so much time without having another activity to replace it. You will be bored to death.

If you still find it difficult figuring out what you want to do with your life. Send me a message. I will help you get started. This article might help your friend, please share!

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