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About Ab Akpan

Hi, I am a creative designer and corporate hustler. I am passionate about helping people turn their ideas into money. I am focused on adding value to myself, the persons around me and my immediate environment.

In November 2016, I stopped visiting the internet as a spectator but as a contributor. Since then, I have acquired a lot of skills which I have used practically to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to communicate efficiently with their customers, generate more sales and grow speedily.


I will design a professional and responsive web design for you. I will also teach you how to use your website to grow your business and make money from it. "I am not talking ads.
Good news! You can now focus on creating your awesome products while my team and I will brainstorm on the best way to deliver your products/services to your correct audience.
Focus on building your company and let my team and I create a branded design for your business.
Turn your business into a brand that connects with its customers and serve them at the point of their need. The branding process is quite tasking but you don't have to do it alone. Brand your business.
I have helped churches to share their messages in audio format to millions of users on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, Radiopublic, Breaker, Audiomack, etc. Share your message to the world.
I am always online to help you get through any challenge that might affect your business. Let's do it together.

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